The Art of Energy Healing

 Reiki Master Course

                                              All that is needed:  

* A Pure INTENTION to serve the Collective and assist in Mother Earths Ascension.

* Pledge to Maintain one’s optimal FREQUENCY

* An understanding of an OPEN-HEART equals OPEN              CHANNEL

* Allowing the flow of ACTIVATIONs and DNA UPGRADES

* Allowing for Continuous Self Growth and Transformation


There are many forms, modalities, teachers, techniques, studies, and schools of Reiki.  My intention is to connect you with your own soul’s healing version or modality.  Everyone, everywhere has the ability to channel Reiki energy, they simply must have a pure heart and positively aligned polarity to do so.  Everyone can heal themselves or others. My intention is to bring out the hidden inner healer in you.  

Reiki in its simplest definition is source energy, universal love and light that is infinitely available and over flowing to those who allow its power of healing to fill them.    At a molecular level Reiki is subatomic crystalline codes that directly interface with not only the nervous, physical, emotional, and spiritual body, but also the rainbow body, or quantum field. This is the field that not only determines your cosmic, collective, and physical realities, but also the original template for the human experience. Every time a human being helps, heals, has compassion, for another human, every time a human positively serves another, it has an exponential trickle effect for the entire human collective.  We serve each other, and this aids in planetary healing as well.

                                   The Course breakdown:

Step one:

Initial Zoom Chat: 45 mins or more. This is a very different type of Reiki course. I believe the best Reiki channelers are the individuals that have been through the healing work themselves.  Individuals that have worked long, hard hours on deep shadow and ego disintegration. The folks that have experienced multiple dark nights of the soul.  This call is all about getting to know each other. I allow the individual to discuss their journeys, and paths to spiritual freedom.  I give them the opportunity to share their endeavors into their own process.  I assess any unhealed trauma or blocks in their energetic fields.  And recommend the next best steps.   

Step two:

Keeping a course journal.  A very important step in connecting to one’s awareness, the art of always being the observer.  By keeping a journal an individual has a visceral way to bring these observations into the physical.  This journal can include, daily affirmations, passages of emotion, events, dreams, intentions that have and have not yet manifested.  I highly encourage students to begin the practice of giving nightly thanks.  Before drifting off to sleep, in your mind list at least 10 things you are grateful for that day.  

Step three:

Course material: Reading the recommended reading material, YouTube content, and activation art. After each assignment the student must write a one to three paragraph insert about the context they consumed.  Ideas, thoughts, reflections, activations, or concerns that came up.     

As I have mentioned before, this is a very unique REIKI course.  Students will be able to schedule chats as many as they wish while working through the material. Also, keeping a question journal, while going through the content, anything related to the material, the individuals own life, or others, is acceptable to be discussed.   

Step four:

Practicing Reiki: I encourage participants in this course to immediately begin practicing Reiki sessions.  On themselves, children, animals, plants, even crystals.  A most necessary aspect of being a Reiki practitioner is truly and fully trusting their own intuition and guides. The more practice the better. Offer free sessions to whoever wants to participate.  After these sessions you will be asked to journal about the experiences you had as well as share them in the group zoom chats.  

Step five:

Participating in the attunements. A Reiki practitioner must keep their frequency to its highest potential vibration. Attunements are a necessary component to this process, and it is a process. We as humans shift our frequency constantly throughout the day.  Everyone fluctuates, it is the natural order of things. But, to ensure that we as practitioners are giving our very best to our clients, we must take care of our vibrations first and foremost.  Daily meditation is an absolute must, and that can look different for everyone.  It doesn’t have to be an hour-long session with candles and sage.  It could be a warm bath, walk around the block, sitting drinking some tea listening to calming music, a chat with a loved one, playing an instrument, creating a piece of art, etc.  

Step six.

Group Zoom Meetings: Once or twice a month I will be holding group zoom meditations, here students will be able to discuss any topics they wish, share experiences, and intentions with the group. I will answer questions as they come up as well. I will do a short group meditation/attunement with the group at the end of the meetup.  

*** There is no set time for completion of this course.  It is entirely up to the student as to how fast the material, journaling, and discussions are digested and integrated. 

*** When completed, the student will hold a Master level Reiki Certificate and be able to practice on their own clients.  My belief, is that anyone drawn to this course, was “meant to be here” and will inevitably create their very own version of Reiki Healing. 

*** By tapping into their own soul’s wisdom to bring about a completely new modality, and because the universe pulls together individuals that align to similar vibrations, they will attract the clients that need their specific spices, so to speak, of healing.  It is all Divinely timed and planned for you and your future clients highest healing.     

Much Love




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