Transformation  After the Gift of Narcissism

 The “Gift” of narcissism, seriously?! .. First things first, all empathetic people have narcissist in their lives This is a fact. The higher the empathy the higher-level narcissist you will encounter. Narcissists have a very special spiritual purpose. Yes, a Spiritual Purpose. Energetically speaking, a battery will not hold a charge without a negative and positive polarity. This push / pull creates a zero-point field, or potential energy. The space created between these poles, holds the potential for the optimal environment for healing, learning, and growth. You see the narcissist needs the narcissistic supply from the empath, they feed off this. And the empath needs the confusion, anger, sadness, hopelessness, and FEAR that the narc triggers. There is no better way to awaken a sleeping healer than to scare it out of them. Pushing the individual to the depths of themselves. They find themselves.
“All the world is a stage,” says Shakespeare. And he’s not wrong. We play these roles, in our movies or cycles. Each lifetime a cycle, roles switch, bad guy / good guy. If you’re an old soul, and you are, if you’re reading this. You have undoubtedly played the villain many times before in every way, and every possible scenario. It’s just, this cycle you are the victim. Which is the first step into understanding the narcissist. There are no bad guys, it’s just a play. It’s just a movie, YOUR movie. And you knew how much you had to offer, and how important your mission here was. But we agree to forget every time we enter into a new cycle. We needed to remind ourselves. So, we sent a messenger a trigger or an Activator. Some people learn very quickly from these individuals. For some it can take years, or decades to become aware of the lessons we are to learn from our narcs. Believe it or not, narcissists are the top of the top LightWorkers.. yes LightWorkers! They are marksman when it comes to awakening their empaths. As narcissists usually have soul groups they are attached too. Remember, light workers are here to shine their light and raise consciousness. Which is exactly what a narcissist does. By being a complete and total mirror to the empath. Expertly finding those hidden insecurities, ancient or buried traumas and dormant DNA. They are the counter voice in your head. Only to provoke your sovereign self.
So, the second step, realizing what the narcissist brings up is what indeed needs your attention, healing, and acceptance. And the next words will trigger some people. Be grateful for your narcissist. Be very grateful. You have selected an accelerated awakening that only a narcissist can provide. They will end up being your greatest teacher and healer.
Third, know that once you are truly healed, their work here is done. I know, that’s hard to believe, but true. The narcissist ceases to be the negativity charged polarization as you become impervious to the pull. The narcissist literally pulls you to your balance point. Imagine a tug of war, except you sit very happily in the middle because you realize the mud pit was an illusion of your own beliefs.
Some important bullet points to remember when dealing with a narc:
* Stop trying to save them.
* Stop trying to heal them.
* Stop trying to change them.
* Stop trying to analyze them.
* Stop trying to be rational with them.  They have no logical arguments or explanations, therefore, nothing logical you have to say to them will ever make sense.
* You will never outsmart, out talk or outwit your narc, even trying to, trying to sink to their level, and empath simply can not energetically lower their vibration to these depths. You will only cause yourself more pain and suffering.
* You are wasting your time defending yourself. Always walk away, close the door, or hang up, as soon as you feel their energy shift.
* Use the Gray stone method when you have to be in contact.
* No contact is always best, even if the narc is a close relative.
* Communicate in text or emails only.
* Speak in lawyer terms, as dry, drab, and professional as possible. As crystal clear and precise as possible.
* Give them very little information just the basics.
* Never ask for a favor, and never expect one in return. In fact, refuse any special treatment.
* Protect your energy when physically around them. Sage water, crystals, affirmations, have high vibe music playing in the background or on ear buds, seems extreme, but it works!
* Create a safe head / heart space before phone calls or texts. When a new message comes in, avoid panic by having pre-selecting mantras and deep breathing techniques available and ready for use.
Here’s a fun one, name the narcissists alter ego. As we know all narcissists have a good guy / bad guy switch. Charismatic and charming with others, and even with us, when the game is on, so to speak. But when bad guy is activated, narcs are night and day. And only the soul empath group closest to the narc will ever get to see this repulsive goblin. Give this goblin a name, I drew a picture of mine. And envision this character every time I have to interact. They are never, ever as scary as they seem, remember they are only highlighting the goblins in ourselves.
       Narcissists are often addicts, alcoholics or deeply traumatized people. Full of dense energy, blocked chakras and Dis - Ease. So the question.. Can narcissists ever be saved and healed? Can they ever change? Truthfully, I don’t know, because I want peace, love and happiness for every being in existence, I HOPE so. The idea that someone could live their entire life without awareness of the hurt they’ve inflicted on their supposed loved ones, is hard for me to wrap my brain around. But alas, I am an empath, as all of you. We feel everything! To such deep soul depths. I can’t imagine what it feels like to not be able to feel. A narcissist's aloofness, and inability to feel is a necessary component to his / her mission. Empaths are unaware of this sensation or the disconnect these people lack with their and others emotions. Narcissists are oblivious to being completely oblivious to empathy, two completely different polarities pushing on each other to create space, potential energy, and growth.
             Now, here’s an interesting Caveat, and it’s important to note. We are all multidimensional, so a narcissist at a 3D level, is also an already ascended master in the higher realms. So, while our 3D selves are stuck in this tug of war, empath vs narcissist, our 5D and up selves are in complete alignment. Meaning your narc is probably your best friend at a higher-level consciousness. Pretty crazy right? How can we even get upset when having this epiphany? It’s like playing in the backyard with your friends from elementary school, who’s the cop and who’s the robber? We’re all just playing pretend.
         So, the empath becomes enlightened. Well, what does the narcissist get out of this? Perhaps once a narcissist has awoken everyone in his / her soul group, the group is healed. Meaning the narc ceases to be a mirror, ceases to acquire negative emotions. Maybe then they in turn can begin their own spiritual path. Maybe a narc ceases to be a narc for only the healed individuals, but continues with others. I’m not sure, there’s infinite movies playing all the time. Infinitely superimposing over each other, with infinite perspectives so, the need to analyze any of this is a moot point. We have to decide to stop playing the victim in our movie. Every day, every minute, every second. That’s the whole point. If you don’t want a villain in your movie. Fire the actor. Pro tip, always choose to play the part in a comedy. Life is funny. We are supposed to laugh at the chaos, the craziness, and the “can you believe this is even happening?” moments.                   Now, I can’t speak from a narcissist’s perspective, because I’m not playing one in this cycle or movie. But I for sure understand how it feels and affects the empath, and I for sure understand how to transform and shift to a different version of yourself that doesn’t need the narcissist anymore. The pain and suffering doesn’t need to last a lifetime. You can fire your narc at any time. By finally accepting to learn from the lessons they are here to teach you. You are not alone! Every empath on earth has a narcissist, or many in their lives. We can unite with our experiences and learn and heal from each other. For more info, send me an email on my contact page. I’ll be more than happy to connect with you.
Much love      


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