The StarSeed Mission:
I recently had a client reach out to me. She’s right in the middle of a spiritual awakening. The point at which her world is unraveling, beliefs systems are showing cracks, the veils between ideas and concepts she was raised to believe are being pulled back. And that feeling of “something’s just not right here” is one she can no longer ignore.  That feeling of “I don’t belong here” and “I don’t want to be here anymore “.
I here statements like this several times a day, from all different kinds of folks, from all over the country.  She’s a starseed. All of my clients are starseeds. I am a starseed. And I understand, I understand the loneliness, I understand the confusion, I understand the pain.. for starseeds it is physically, emotionally, and mentally painful to be here. Because we remember, our DNA remembers how it feels to be of a higher frequency. We in-fact still hold these high frequencies, but there are rules. And we have to tone it down, around lower vibe individuals. We expand and contract our frequencies infinite times a day to be able to stay in a vibrational alignment with our environment as well as the people in our lives. And that is a daunting task at times. Or all the time.
But, therein lies our mission. The idea of not wanting to be here on “earth” anymore, is one I understand all too well. As starseeds we volunteer to come here and change the paradigm, and raise the frequency of others and earth itself. To awaken people, to bring our light, our frequency. We come here and agree to forgot, forget who we are, and to forget what our mission is.  We know that we will go through a period of painful Separation and confusion, but that is only to teach us and prepare us for what's next. Starseeds are set and programmed to awaken at just the right time.
We have chosen this now, to collectively come online. Some are awake, some are awake and groggy, some are still asleep.  But, not for much longer.  The alarm has gone off, and they’ve hit their snooze limit. It is the job off the awakened starseed to be a beckon for these individuals. Which is already happening and will continue to happen naturally. For these individuals struggling now..  more awareness will come and questions will be answered. I can tell you with the most certainty the remembrance of your mission and true purpose will come.  It will come when you are ready.  It will come when you have accepted and embraced your truth. And Let me tell you a secret … you cannot fail. You are already serving your divine purpose, just being who you are, every day. Just know you are not alone! Because we are in fact all one! And your soul tribe is out there, waiting to connect with you again. Expand your consciousness as far as it will go.. raise your vibration as high as you can.. shine your light so bright that those who need it will find you.  That box that so many of us have tried to fit into, does not exist..  and its time to collectively, energetically, and consciously come together and unite to build a reality without separation, without fear, without limitations.
So, even though its painful and confusing, and lonely.. my message to all the starseeds… you are not alone. You are Loved, and you are infinity supported. Know, that you can not fail.  All paths lead to the light!
Much Love to All Thank You  

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