Awakening the 144 Golden 12D Divine Template

Ascension, or in other words Returning to Source.  Ascension has already happened, is happening, and will happen. It’s dependent on the individual’s perception. If you believe you are in a process of ascension, then you are. If you are waiting for “something” to happen TO you, so you can ascend, then you are in a holding period of your own waiting. If you believe as I do. Which is that you are already an ascended being. You are that! I as well as all humans incarnate on planet earth are already 12th dimensional ascended masters. We are currently holding awareness in the 3rd dimension as well as everywhere else. Infinity occupying any time/space stream of consciousness that we want to observe.  Ascension is putting the pieces, or fractals of your own consciousness together. In one body, this human meat suit.  The “grand experiment” if you will.  Can a human vessel become fully integrated, fully activated and online in a 3D bone and skin outfit? And the answer is YES! The way to bring this awareness to the light is by simply having the intention to do so. Sound Simple? Well it is, if you chose it to be so.  However, most individuals still have lessons to be learned, shadows to be explored, and missions to complete. Which is why we continue to hold awareness in the lower densities. Ascension is the process of activating our already present 12 strand DNA. We are like computers that have had their external hard drives unplugged.  It is up to us, to plug them back in and reboot, so to speak. We have all the intelligence of the entire cosmos built into our dormant DNA.  And it has been waiting to be implemented, integrated and activated.

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