Light Language 101 
In the spring of 2018, I began creating art.  I’ve always been a very creative person, but my guides were insisting I try out a different medium. So, I bought paint, pastels, chalk, markers and canvas.  At first, I starting doing a lot of mandalas, and geometric shapes.  That quickly evolved into patterns and symbols.  I would paint and paint for hours, and fall asleep exhausted.  In the morning I’d wake up and look over my work from the night before, and not remember making any of it.  At first, I was a little freaked out, admittedly.  But my guides kept reassuring me more information would come, and I would understand soon.  2018 Lions Gate I was called to Sedona.  There I received a Light Language activation via an impromptu mediation at Bell Rock.  All at once, I understood what the next phase of my mission was.
So... Light Language Everything in our collective reality is light, frequency.  Atoms, photons vibrating at different rates, that’s how we interpret and decode our surroundings, through light.  Light Language transcends the lower densities.  The 3d matrix, is dense and hijacked.  All of the human languages have been in a sense corrupted.  Light Language is broadcast at a higher bandwidth if you will.  The higher human consciousness understands, and can integrate the codes without even trying.  Meaning, the human brain doesn’t have to understand, nor will it. It’s not running the same operating system, so to speak.. Like windows 98 trying to open a mac i0s 13 program.. it’s going to crash.
 This Language speaks directly to the heart, and interacts directly and immediately to an individual’s DNA. At the rate at which it can resonate, meaning, you won’t blow a circuit. It won’t overwhelm an individual, it’s always compatible.    Light Language is in other words, spoken sacred geometry, or it is the Language of DNA.  Anyone, anywhere, any age, any culture, can receive a light language activation. They simple must have an open heart and pure intentions. These are individuals who are service to other’s polarization.  The individual must have a compatible frequency to align with these transmissions. You could say when an individual is scribing or speaking Light Language, they are channeling, tapping into a higher self-aspect. And that word tends to trigger some people.  But here’s the thing everyone channels at some point throughout their day.  Whenever someone’s “in the zone” or in any kind of process of creating, whether that’s art, music, cooking, carpentry, writing, working out, meditating, the list goes on an on.  Those are all examples of altered states of consciousness. And when an individual is in an altered or higher consciousness, guess what, they’re channeling. 
Now, where does Light Language originate from.. It’s the Language of Source, creation, the zero-point field, Great Central sun, the universal torus field, galactic merkaba. Many words to describe the same thing. Now, there are many individuals out there already scribing and speaking their Light Languages.  Every person’s language will be specific to them.  Just like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two Light Languages will be the same, there are similarities, but they all have their separate aspects. These codes filter through the individual’s lenses or filters, like one beam of light hitting a prism, the different trajectories must not intertwine.  They all have their equal importance. And all create the intricate web of reality.     
Light Language is the next giant leap to human evolution, ascension and healing. What my guides have shared with me, there is no limitation to what it can manifest in the physical. If an individual is open, and can align with these higher frequencies the DNA has no other option than to match the transmission, there for causing an activation in a person’s entire multi-dimensional energy body or rainbow body. It’s a full multi-dimensional reboot, so to speak, calling in all inactive DNA.  To be online, aware, activated, present, and fully functioning in its highest potential, and the individuals most optimal timeline. Revelations 14:1-20 States “No one could learn that song except the 144000, who have been redeemed from earth.” The 144,000 refers to a frequency, a higher consciousness, that anyone can tap into.. The song, is Light Language, or The Language of DNA. I’m not the only one, I wasn’t the first, and won’t be the last for sure.  The more people tapping into this, the better, the more people even aware that Light Language is a thing and it’s real, the better. My goal, that everyone alive on planet earth now, learns their own souls Light Language, so they can fully align with all aspects of their multi-dimensional selves, and become sovereign Beings. My purpose or mission is to make people aware of the potential they already hold. The uncomprehend able healing abilities that everyone already has. It’s built in, all of us.  We just have to remember. I’ve been doing this work for over a year, and the first thing I tell my clients, is.. I’m not your healer, I’m here to help you remember how to heal yourself. As with any Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Guru.. they simply create and hold space for the seeker or student to recognize their own power. In other words, they broadcast a higher frequency, it is up to the seeker, student to align with that frequency. No one can impose healing on anyone, that’s not how it works. Whether it’s connecting with spirit guides, being healed, becoming enlightened, just like anything else, is a choice. And it’s not a part-time gig, it’s all day every day. It’s not a ladder, it’s a spiral, and there’s ups and downs, and there’s not just one dark night of the soul event.. there’s many. And its work, and it’s a process, but it can also be beautiful, and magical, and humbling, and powerful. It’s why we’re here. And we’re all doing a really amazing job. And it’s an amazing “time”, to be alive.   My Light Language will always be free to anyone who wants to look and listen.  
Much Love            


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