Part 1: What is Ascension?     

 Many, many individuals have spoken about Ascension.  So many in fact, that I debated whether it was necessary to put my two-sense in.  But here we are...   

 Ascension has already happened, is happening, and will happen. It’s dependent on the individual’s perception of their individually aligned timelines.  And here’s the thing, you don’t always stay on the same timeline. We shift, through different layers and levels all the time.  If you believe you are in a process of ascension, then you are. If you are waiting for “something” to happen to you, so you can ascend, then you are in a holding period of your own waiting. If you believe as I do. Which is that I have already ascended. I am already a 12th dimensional aspect of source, currently holding awareness in the 3rd dimension as well as everywhere else. Infinity occupying any time/space stream of consciousness that I want to observe.  Then you’re that.

Ascension is putting the pieces, or fractals of your own consciousness together. In one body, this human meat suit.  The “grand experiment” if you will.  Can a human vessel become fully integrated, fully activated and online in a 3d bone and muscle outfit? Can the avatar remember, not being an avatar, but something else?         

Can the video game character connect telepathically with the player, the controller, can both together have the same, but infinity different perspectives, whilst still understanding and being companionate towards each other’s viewpoints.  Can they create and manifest, what’s in the best interest of every other player, and character and avatar in the entire game, as well as all other games in existence.  Can all players simultaneously unite, realizing the gravity of what we are all simultaneously involved and an integral fractal of. The sheer magnitude of this task. It’s a lot to take on. And some simply say no, I just want to play, I want to be separate, and chose not to take part in this experiment.      

Non player characters, NPC’shave chosen to remain off-line, so to speak.  That is their choice.  And it’s no one’s mission to wake them up. However, on the opposing side of that, the need for starseeds to plant seeds and make waves is a completely necessary and essential component to the overall mission.  As, it only takes a tiny spark to bring an NPC online, and trigger an awakening. Others have chosen to participate, so to speak. But, not all at the same time, the awakenings are staggered in our eyes anyways. As we must see things in linear time, or things just wouldn’t make sense.  Our Human processors, (brains) can’t decipher the code that quickly. The frames must be slowed down, so we can categorize and manage the energetics of it all. 

But, in reality, time, at source consciousness, is but one moment, one energetic, one now. We are one being.  Slowed down, fractured out, ever expanding into a blossoming growing consciousness. But at a certain point, a capacity is reached.  And outer boundary, a mathematical infinity that is the singularity.  The point of no return, the event horizon, the zero-point field. This moment, will be experienced infinite different ways, in infinite perspectives at infinite densities and dimensions. The shear vastness of this event is unmeasurable by anything in human comprehension.   

The truth is, it’s already happened, it is happening, and it will happen.  We have all lived it before, are living it and will live it.  There is no date... there is no time for this event, the event is every day, every minute, every second, every breath you take.   It is this “now” all the time.  So, Ascension… there’s no steps, no levels, no instruction manuals.  There is no, what can I do to speed this up, make it easier, help my loved ones, change the world... this is the experiment. You see we are fractals of fractals, spirals in scared geometry, a microcosm in a macrocosm, spinning and surrounding everything and anything all at once. There is no changing anything. Everything that has ever happened will happen, has happened, and is happening... it’s our awareness that changes... it is our frequency that changes. What do you prefer to experience?  Which station do you want to hear today, sports, news, heavy metal, adult contemporary? How about static... just static?  Because that is all reality really is. It’s a blank slate. We can choose to listen to preprogrammed stations or we can create our own signal... Which is exactly what the starseeds are doing now.   

Ascension... in my opinion, is choosing the static, in other words, source consciousness, the zero-point field, the all that is and nothingness all at the same “time”. Can we be human 3-dimensional beings, the furthest from source, whilst being completely and totally connected to 12D consciousness. The answer is yes. Because we have decided it Is so. And we are here “now” to prove it to ourselves, which is the one.  

We are God, showing God we are One, whilst being separate. We do this by being able to unconditionally love all aspects of ourselves.  

 So, how do we Ascend? In linear terms anyway.. It’s all in the DNA.  We incarnate with everything we need “built in”, so to speak.  Our DNA holds all the knowing’s, information, memory, timeline trajectories, connections to source, all the infinitesimal details as well as the complete awareness of universal and cosmic truths. We just have to awaken it. We have to reconnect all our external hard drives and reboot the system. The “hard drives” refers to our 12 strand DNA, and our system, is our energetic consciousness field, or the Merkaba, or the Rainbow Body.

There is not one way to do this.  There are many ways to bring dormant DNA back online. Simply having the intention to do so, is enough.  There are many tools as well that assist in “quickening” this process. Such as; Meditation, connection with nature, connection with your own body through movement, like yoga, receiving a Reiki Massage, and my personal favorite Sound! Sound is frequency, vibration, Music happens when the soul sings. I create meditation / activations / healing attunements on this channel that raise the listeners vibration so as they can align with their soul’s own song and achieve whatever their intention for that meditation. Every individual will get what they need from it.  Which is true for any modality they seek out.  The soul knows where to find their activators, facilitators, and teachers. They are magnetic in nature and the reconnection is always divinely timed.  

          Part 2: The Ascension Shadow

So, Ascension is great, right? The light being turned on, DNA coming online, awakening into source consciousness.  But, don’t forget this doesn’t happen without an equal opposing force.     

This brings us to the NPC’s, the non-participators, and the ones that have chosen to participate, but as the opposite duality, the polarizing negative. The Service to self-individuals. The dark forces. The dark alliance.  The sociopath’s, psychopaths, narcissists, and all other villains.     

I began my awakening by reading a book by Jim Marrs, “Our Occulted History”. Which blew my world open to what the “evil in the world actually was” Answered so many of my questions, but ignited a million more.  I continued to read everything else he published, not mention countless other authors.  I was hooked, and a bit obsessed to be honest. I found myself very ungrounded.  And had the mentality of “everyone has to know what I know immediately!”  So, I told everyone, and the only response I got in return was, the one brow raise, sigh, and eye roll. Which is beyond frustrating, and left me feeling even more alone, and isolated.  But the more viewpoints I heard, and read on the different topics. The more I began to realize, these ideas, although not wrong, could also, infinity spiral into, “what is truth” your truth, his truth, my truth? What does it really matter?     

In The Law of One, there is a term “law of confusion,” or in other words, “free will”, or “The Virus” as I call it.  We have free reign over our thoughts, (even though that is being tested by dark forces as well).  We have free will, but the problem is, when an individual is not aligned with source, peace, unconditional love, harmony and compassion, their thoughts will reflect the lower frequencies. Meaning, if you feel separate from source, stuck in fear, lack, separation, and limitation, those dense vibrations loop in your thought forms, and that is exactly what the universe will reflect back to you.  A world that is cruel, evil, and corrupt. Free will allows us to develop our beliefs as we see fit. This allows our multidimensional selves to experience the optimal environment for us to “remember” and learn and grow spiritually. Which seems great, except the ego will always push “my way is the only way” so, even the most Enlighted lightworkers would never admit to, maybe your way is right too.      

Truth is, your truth is yours, and yours alone, and it will remain your truth until you choose to align to something different. You will never find another being that will align with you 100%.  Which explains why and how we are separate.  Mirrors of ourselves, except fractionally different through our thoughts and beliefs. The question, can you be in complete alignment with your truth while allowing someone else to be in alignment with theirs.  Living side by side, occupying the same time/space, peacefully.     

Which bring me to The Truther Community and Disclosure.  Shadow Governments, Corrupt and Evil Bankers, Depopulation Agendas, Our Strange and convoluted human history, And the (not so hidden anymore), Elite’s cruel and heinous exploitation of our children.      The people who fight so hard for truth and disclosure, I truly admire and I understand the need for everyone to understand a certain level of “truth” but again, who’s truth??? Everything in our 3D reality is an illusion, everything.

Whether it’s fighting over politics, or if ufo’s are real. It’s the same thing as “What planet do you originate from” Or, “what is the name of the ascended master you are a soul fractal of”? No matter what idea or concept you are fighting over, it’s still in the form of a 3D veil, it’s still a lens a filter, it’s still separate from the truth, which is... we are all one, one consciousness fractured infinity to experience itself. 

The fact that the “new age” spiritual community is combative at all, should tell you there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing. At the end of the day, we are only responsible for our own judgements, our own emotional reactions, triggers, attachments to beliefs, that to others don’t resonate.

The trick is, in my opinion, to subscribe to no beliefs, hold no attachment to things, people, places. Stop labeling yourself and others, stop trying to put a definition on everything.  The reason disclosure hasn’t happened yet, is because people are waiting for it to.  Again, waiting for “something” to happen, puts it further from manifesting. So, my advice, stop looking for it in the news, stop looking for ufo’s to land on the white house lawn. Individuals that push too hard for their beliefs to be heard; individuals that come from a place of anger, or hostile intent, or fear tactics, in hopes of red pilling a massive collective are doing more of a disservice.  

Example... trying to change someone’s mind about a political view they have, you can show them evidence, you can talk to them until you’re blue in the face. In the end you have only pushed them further to believing their own narrative. Now, if someone is actively searching for alternative information, and asking questions, and seeking an answer that resonates with their divine template. That’s when the awakening happens. And why it is so important for lightworkers and starseeds to speak their truth. But individuals have to seek it out, Same with healing, Same with connecting to guides, you have to seek if out. The universe will meet you half way I promise. But you have to make the initial contact... or in other words “making the call”.  Putting your intention out there... it is a permission slip, like Bashar says. What you seek is seeking you. And it will meet you half way.     

Holding awareness of these topics is an important phase of ascension, but not one to get stuck on.  While important to shine light on these shadows, Getting wrapped up in the details just creates more shadows.  Which is the last thing we want. An eye for an eye, is not the way to “fix” these issues.  

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”    Albert Einstein       

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight, by sharing information, asking questions, and demanding authenticity from our peers and ourselves.  But a huge part of this is understanding we hold the power as a collective, and instead of trying to change the narrative, as this “is being done to us’”.

We must come together as a whole and agree to collectively align to a more optimal experience, which is rapidly approaching, as I can feel by our current energetic climate. Consciousness outweighs everything. And once we have collectively expanded to match higher dimensional vibrations, these shadow distortions will begin to blur and eventually phase out of our reality.  But those who get stuck with, who’s truth is more truthful, keep the focus on the very thing we are trying to transcend.

Bringing me back to the “Law of confusion”. Ultimately, we must pull the focus away from our free will, the distortions and distractions we create, manifest into something we actually are fighting again.  As it is our outer boundary, we cannot fully expand as a collective until we agree to create in unity. We must come at these distortions from a higher consciousness, a higher frequency.  One of Unconditional love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, compassion, and understanding.     

Remember who you are! And why you are here!  The more that are awake and activated, the more that are purposely creating on an expanded frequency, the sooner we will all experience “the event”. It happens within you first!

Much Love, Peace, and Harmony    


More on “The Event” in my next article.





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