✨ At this time, with so many individuals experiencing spiritual awakenings and higher dimensional awareness coming online.  We are being called to expand our consciousness and broaden our collective perception of reality.  In this section I will post articles on varies topics that may need to be reexamined, restructured and perhaps a total dissolution of old beliefs systems maybe needed.✨


A Few Words on Addiction  

         The word Addiction automatically stirs up a negative connotation, a disempowering denseness. What the modern-day world has deemed addiction, A brain disease, a dependence on an external substance to fill a void. Craving, habit, compulsion… signifying then, a lack of, or missing something. An unknown joy, the deep seeded need to fill a space that feels empty. But why would that space be there in the first place? Are we born addicts?  Or could it be, we incarnate with a knowing, a knowing that we should feel different about our environment, we should feel safe, comfortable, but don’t. Why would the feeling of discomfort or dis-ease present itself, if not meant to serve a purpose?  Whether it’s alcohol, gambling, shopping, eating, or sex. What is an “addict” supposed to learn from these impulses?
        The first thing an individual is supposed to say at an AA meeting is, “Hello, my name’s Amanda, and I’m an alcoholic.”  The first statement firmly roots a person in a very self-limited 3 dimensional box.  I am a simple human, having a simple human life.  My consciousness and awareness can only comprehend these simple terms.  The second, I am an alcoholic... Further limiting a person. By putting yourself in more boxes you further separate yourself from the truth. Which is… You are a multidimensional being, divine and perfect, Sovereign and Whole.  By stating you are an alcoholic, you give your power away.  You give your energy and focus to the addiction, and you become that vibration, you align to it. You are NOT your addiction. Your addiction serves you. Read that again...  your addiction SERVES YOU!  As a messenger, a hidden healer, your shadow, your ego, your opportunity to recognize, you can transcend that version of yourself.
             As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are in a constant state of shifting.  Infinite times a day, to different versions of ourselves.  That is what gives us the illusion of time. We manifest our realities and perceive what we choose to perceive.  What do you wish to experience? What reality fills you with the most joy and bliss, just choose that.  If it were only that simple, I tell you, IT IS that simple. How did Jesus perform miracles? Because he didn’t hold the belief that he couldn’t!
               Our beliefs are our own self-imposed prisons.  We all have them, these filters and lenses, distort the truth of our existence. Almost 8 billion people on earth, all with different thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs, and experiences... it’s no wonder we don’t get along.  An individual must truly accept “to each his own” there is no right or wrong at the source level.  Everything is an illusion, and all of us subscribe to different truths, but all are not to be judged.
                 Imagine a beautiful orchestra.  100 musicians, playing 100 different instruments, all at once, flowing through the music.  All hitting different notes at different intervals. We are like this orchestra.  We are the Conductor, we are the Musicians, we are every Instrument, every note, from beginning to end. Now, what if I told you, you can be the conductor anytime you want, whilst still being the note as well.  Now, if you can a hear a note being played that seemed off, you could choose to simply not play that note anymore, or play in a different way. If an Instrument seems off or doesn’t fit the musical piece, you could switch it out for something that resonates. In other words, this life experience is our concert. And we have complete creative control over the entire ensemble. Now, sit for a minute, and let that sink in. You are the Conductor.
               When dealing with an addiction, the why’s, how’s, and what for’s, are of no importance. Your addiction is a tool, and it’s one you can choose to no longer use. It served its purpose and now you can hang it back up in the shed. You do this, by shifting to a version of yourself that no longer requires that tool.
The void, the empty space, the lack of..  Many, if not all of us have the belief that love, acceptance, and happiness are things we must work for, sacrifice for, wait for, beg for.  When we don’t feel this in our reality, we feel cheated and betrayed, we feel like we are failing or we’ve done something wrong and are being punished.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Our natural frequency is love, bliss, happiness and joy.  The illusion, is that it is something outside of us, external.  We are not separate from it, it is us.  When naturally empathetic, and intuitive individuals are bombarded with lower density vibrations, (from our beliefs, environment, individuals in our lives), it’s easy to forget this simple truth.
            Now, a logical mind would pose the question... Doesn’t a hole need to be filled... the answer is, there is no hole. The hole is an illusion, a distortion, a distraction.  Remember! You are a sovereign divine being.  You are already whole. The need, the feeling of emptiness, or the void, is a tuning issue.  Remember we are instruments, instruments that need to maintain a frequency or stay in tune.  We could blame our tuning issues on old strings, broken reeds or damaged pipes, but those are all external beliefs. In truth, it is up to us to maintain our frequency.  We are Conducting this Orchestra, We are the Musicians, We are the Instruments, And we are the Notes. And we are constantly choosing the song we wish to hear.