Trifurcation ✨

        The Three World Split                

           In May 2020 I received a download.  This download was profoundly intense and shifted my entire perspective. To date, I’ve actually only shared this with two people. Because I felt like most folks would get very triggered and upset by it, so I kept quiet.  My guides wanted me to put this out as an article on my website, but I felt a lot of resistance.  As I felt the timing was not right in 2020. So, I share this with the select few that will find it. And truthfully, I am still reluctance.  I want to make crystal clear that when I received it, I was triggered and upset, and there was a big part of me that didn’t want to accept it.  And I hoped that it was wrong, and that I was just interpreting the download incorrectly.            

So, to understand this, there are two concepts that I  am asking the audience entertain for a moment.

1. Timelines are fluid, and nothing is truly written in   From a Higher dimensional standpoint. Timelines are fluid. There is really no such thing as past and future. The past changes on what we choose to remember... the future idea or plans shift as our “now” expectations, beliefs and perspectives change. The proof of “history” is just a set of agreed upon beliefs. And our belief in our chosen reality will reflect that belief to us. 

2. The Truth about Free Will. Let us use the movie “The Matrix”.  The premise of this movie is that we live in a simulated reality where most folks are “asleep”.  Neo the main character is said to be the one to “bring it down, so to speak”.  To wake everyone up. So, at the end of the movie he is implanted, uploaded into the matrix as a virus.  This was always very intriguing to me. So, the simulation is built on the idea that we have “free will”. Now in the higher realms we really do not.  Because as anyone on a spiritual path knows. Once you make that connection with your higher self, you are pulled into your purpose.  Which ultimately gives us pure joy and bliss, but in the moment can feel sometimes as if we do not have a choice.

So, it appears we have free will, I mean we have choices in the details, or the mundane, but ultimately, we as incarnated souls have a blueprint or template, it does not matter the timing or sequencing of events, just so long as we serve our purpose. So, if lightworkers are akin to the Neo character, you could say lightworkers are the Virus.  Which is just another program by the way.  It is not the true reality of the universe; we are STILL in the simulation.  The virus is just another program or version, a version that would bring down the current agreed upon illusion.       

So, I pose a question… Could it be that the simulation before the virus, before awakened lightworkers hit the stage, was on a positive timeline.  Still a simulation, but not a negative one.  Could it be the virus we implanted was one that included darkness? Could it be, we brought the shadow and the negativity?

Could it be we introduced the lower frequency timelines.  We know for a populous or collective group to grow, evolve, and adapt, they need a reason, a catalyst.  To throw them off the comfortable path, to interrupt the status quo, a reason to change, a reason to do things or understand things in a different way. Was this shadowy virus a catalyst for the consciousness expansion, for the awakening out of the simulation?  Funny that we are called lightworkers, if we created the dark, and then the need for light? Perhaps the correct label should be shadowworkers?           

We perceive the reality we prefer, right? So, why would anyone want to live in a reality where terrible things happen to children, where the government wants to poison and use you?  Where the little guys souls and spirits are stomped to death silently every day.  Why would anyone in their right mind want that reality for themselves and their loved ones. And the light worker would say, because these are the dark truths.  What if the belief in these dark truths is what is actually preventing the positive timelines to collectively manifest?         

If what I just stated has any truth to it.  I completely understand why the “asleep” folks would be upset.  From this perspective I can see the opposition to the “truthers”, “woke culture”. Maybe they have joined this simulation from a higher realm, just wanting to experience the matrix, play the game, virtually have fun.  And in come the lightworkers, with this nasty virus and completely corrupt the game.  Maybe instead of focusing on the negativity, we can collectively agree to disagree.  Let the sleeper’s sleep and enjoy their simulation. Maybe the “sleepers” are actually the more evolved souls, and are not in need of any lessons, upgrades, maybe its them that are being patient with the “awakened ones”?           

Individuals on a spiritual path are taught to respect everyone’s journey, that all beliefs, opinions and perspectives have value and weight.  Maybe it is time for lightworkers to stop trying to wake folks up.  Because both sides have hate, judgment, and prejudice. And how quickly “speaking your truth” and being your “authentic self” can turn into, I need you to believe my truth or we just cannot exist in the same space anymore. Both sides of this coin can be toxic.  Now how that plays out on the world stage, collectively, I don’t know.  Because I know personally, the current state of the planet is not one I prefer.  How do we get from where we are now, to the vision the majority wants for our future without some kind of unity or truce?           

I have written about the three-world split before in articles, not totally understanding how that would physically translate to our material reality. We are currently seeing a bifurcation happening in hyper speed. These two very polarizing realities existing in the same space.  How will these two realities evolve?? There has to be a breaking point. Will we actually see a collective version of the dreaded New World Order agenda play out?  How as an awakened collective can we move forward? Whilst still existing with this other half that has such an opposing belief system as us?  How do we show empathy and understanding towards the folks that have such dualist views? How do these two collectives maintain peace whilst clashing completely in beliefs?           

So, we have this bifurcation happening now.  At what point do we begin to see the trifurcation?  Could it be we are yet to see the third group emerge?  And could it be that the third group of the collective holds’ awareness of both realities, yet having no judgement or attachments to either one.  From an energetic standpoint could this group bring balance to the whole?  Or are we looking at a full break down of timelines, perhaps a physically manifested calamity on earth, one possibility is the solar flash event. I guess the question is... Are we doomed as a society? Or is there a 3D way to unite everyone?           

The other download or concept I have been receiving and integrating for a few months now. Is the idea of “timelines” and “time” itself?  The profound feeling of urgency I have had my entire life... Frustrating and at times crippling.  Anxiety on top of anxiety, When???   When will existence shift into something more satisfying, more loving, more accepting.  When will this “golden age” be actualized? How can I help this shift move faster?  Well faster, quicker, and sooner are words, concepts from the ego, it is an illusion.  “Now”, is literally the time. But everyone is in their own “Now”. And by the time we interact with others that “Now” has passed.  We create new Now’s all the time, with new versions of the one’s close to us in our realities.  Constantly creating new timelines and trajectories, with infinite potential to spin off into unlimited directions, endlessly. Confused?? Me too! Lol

Working for something in the future, holds its potential in the Now, which then becomes the past. So, the question to ask yourself, why work for any future potential at all.  Maybe some of us, if not all of us are just space holders, energy bubbles, to mitigate the shifting trajectories, and negative shadowy viruses.  But we get stuck, trapped into specific beliefs that anchor our energy to an undesired fixed location.  The intention here should be to not hold any belief systems at all.  But can we do that completely and remain fully grounded in this reality?  Or should the goal be to “hover” between worlds and remain floating.  So that we can allow for the fluidity of our reality to adjust to the higher dimensional frequencies that are beginning to merge with our current collective consciousness.           

A very real and disappointing truth that I am integrating and digesting...  This shift will not be seen by “Amanda’s” eyes.  Meaning, my current physical form will expire before real, visceral change occurs.  This triggered much sadness, depression, and utter despair in my being. Delving deep into these feelings, I discovered the fear stemmed from having to “wake up” again, go through the whole spiritual triathlon again.  And the idea of “lost time” spent catching up. 

But my guides assured me that when my spirit comes back the next time, there will be not be a buffering period.  As the collective frequency is upgraded, earth itself will go through an expansion phase.  The physical bodies incarnating will be able to hold a full harmonic higher in vibration, allowing for a faster more efficient operating system, so to speak. And we are seeing that now with the Rainbow children.  This new wave of incarnated souls fully online and activated. 

And Honestly, this acceptance brings me much peace, as the sense of urgency has shifted.  Even though this bone and meat suit known as Amanda will expire, a new version will be reborn, with the full knowledge of my mission and purpose.  This has completely released any pressure I had to get things done in a very short human timeline. It has given me a new perspective on, let’s just enjoy this experience as Amanda.  Do our work and mission, but also relax, love, play, create and learn.           

I’ve heard many times, “once you wake up, you cannot go back to sleep”.  But when you realize asleep and awake are actually the same thing in a limited simulation.  Then you become aligned to pure consciousness, creation, and source frequency.  An individual with fully activated DNA is attuned to the zero-point field, which transcends all and every simulation and program in physical reality.  Knowing and accepting this truth, affirms you hold no attachment to any physical reality, but this does not mean you will not seemingly be interacting as a human, having earthly experiences, it does however enable you to be above the law, so to speak.  As your level of expanded consciousness will allow a different set of rules for manifesting here on earth.               

Is this something some folks are not ready to be aware of, and allow into their belief system, creating resistance and impeding expansion.  Perhaps this third group will emerge when these truths become “main stream”.   Perhaps both polarities needed to be in flames for this third group to find the safe space in between, sending love and acceptance to both.  Whilst truly climbing energetically out of the simulation.           

Our physicality should not be seen as an anchor, rather a tool to navigate this realm.  We are not at a disadvantage for having a physical vessel.  But know that it is necessary to separate from it from time to time, through meditation, astral travel, and dreaming.  Even if you do not remember your dreams, they are purposeful, and your consciousness is always busy working for soul progression.         

Our goal as individuals should be accepting and allowing ourselves to fully embrace our divinity.  If we truly remembered our power, fear and hate would seize to exist.  And if we allowed our inherent right as sovereign souls to be actualized, we would never again feel separate from source.  We are all physical extensions into pure consciousness...  and there are no limitations for individuals with pure intent. We are Love and Light, and ultimately, we are all here for each other’s growth in one capacity or another.

Much Love



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